The storage volume and the thermal losses are reduced thanks to the STL.

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A unique know-how
CRISTOPIA Energy Systems, subsidiary of CIAT, has focused its activites on the design of thermal energy storage systems and control and monitoring products.

CRISTOPIA technology is used in Europe, in the Middle East, in the North and South of America and Asia Pacific through our International Network

With 3000 CRISTOPIA systems references in the world, 6 million kWh of electricity are transferred daily from peak to off-peak hours, and more than 500 MW of electricity have been saved.

The strength of our company is its engineering expertise and its know-how in research and innovation in three areas:
  • The development of new thermal energy storage systems at different temperatures for new applications,
  • The control and monitoring of energy systems with storage, which allows us to assist our clients in the different phases of their projects (design, installation, commissioning and operations),
  • The integration of energy storage in Smart Grid projects.

    CRISTOPIA is very active in research on thermal energy storage.

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    Participation in many research projects
    CRISTOPIA's expertise ranges from Phase Change Material to complete HVAC systems, being highly competent regarding storage systems and their integration into a hydraulic loop and their control and monitoring.

    CRISTOPIA participated in several European research projects :
    * OPTINER,
    * PAMELA,
    * FRISBEE,...

    National research projects :
    * INPASOL,
    * COOLPV,
    * ACLIRSYS,...

    Regional research projects :
    * STOCSOL,
    * PREMIO,...

    On the following topics :
    • 1. New PCM for heating storages at different temperatures,
    • 2. Applications of thermal energy storage by PCM in other industrial sectors,
    • 3. PCM integration on the insulation of the building for minimizing energy consumption linked to air-conditioning and heating,
    • 4. Engineering, control and monitoring of energy systems and their integration into Smart Grid projects.

    What you need to know about CRISTOPIA

    To know more

    CRISTOPIA designs, manufactures and markets Cristo'Control2 and commissions it on site, taking into account the specificities of each installation. The Cristo'Control2 is design to optimize the use ot thermal energy storage and to monitor the performance of the installation. It ensures maximum savings for the end user. It is a control and remote monitoring system, easy to install and easy to use, with a touch interface allowing a rapid overviews of the system operations. Our supervision platform allows to remotely monitor the operation of all the installations controlled by a Cristo'Control2

    More than 3000 customers worldwide

    More than 6 Million kWh of electricity are transferred daily from peak to off-peak hours.

    More than 500 MW of electricity has been saved thanks to CRISTOPIA's technology.